Never underestimate the power of wrist streamers!  At the beginning of the school year, I purchased rainbow streamers on wrist scrunchies from Bear Paw Creek, LLC. They work wonderfully with individuals of all ability levels because of their design.  Since they are elasticized, they will stay put on wrists and ankles, and also permit more independence.

Everything I have ever purchased from Janet at Bear Paw Creek, LLC, has been of exceptionally high quality and these streamers are no different.  Clients have tried to pull the chiffon streamers off of the elasticized section, stretch them over their heads in attempt to make crowns and shake them as hard as they can.  They still look good as new!

In our music therapy sessions, we use them to work on improving gross motor skills, sustaining movement, eye gaze, following directions, sensory regulation and creative expression.  They can also be used to work on enhancing grip by placing the scrunchie part around an individual’s palm and having a staff member pull on the ribbon section, while moving to music. Take a look at the video here or below to see them in action:

When I first pulled out these colorful streamers, I heard, “ooh’s” and “aah’s”.  Six months later, the excitement when using them hasn’t wained.  They still continue to be a huge hit and motivator for my clients. Bear Paw Creek, LLC, has also added more varieties of wrist scrunchies such as animal print, winter white, Valentine’s Day streamers and even jingle bells!

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