Today in a couple of our sessions, we made virtual Jack-o-lanterns!  First we sang a song written by my friend and fellow music therapist, Amanda Ellis, called, “Pumpkin, Pumpkin, It’s Almost Halloween”.   You can listen to it below or click HERE.

She also designed a Smart Board activity featuring her song on one page and a pumpkin on the next.  Below the pumpkin there were three black shapes: a triangle, a circle and a square.  With the use of the “infinite cloner” feature, the Smart Board Notebook software allowed each shape to be repoduced in unlimited number.  Students could use as many triangles, circles or squares as they liked in order to create a face or design on the blank pumpkin picture.  Below are some designs that my students created:

IMG_0753 IMG_0755 IMG_0750  IMG_0761

The students were very excited to take their turns and create their very own “mess free” Jack-o-lantern.  After each student finished, we applauded and took pictures of their design.  Don’t have a Smart Board, no problem!  You can make a pumpkin and shapes using photos, clipart, felt, or even tape shapes to a real pumpkin. Goals that are addressed include turn taking, academics (shapes), fine motor and self-esteem.

For more awesome pumpkin songs and ideas, visit Amanda’s website, More with Music.


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