11 May · Linda · 3 Comments

Bumping Up & Down in My EasyGoWagon

This post is in response to week 2 of the #MusicTherapyBlogger challenge sponsored by Serenade Designs!     Challenge #2: Write about something that works for you in your everyday life as a music therapist.   I am a traveling music therapist and for years, have been trying to come up with an easy system for getting to and …


15 Jan · Linda · No Comments

Indestructible Maracas

[fb_button] If you are looking for maracas that seem to be indestructible and sound good, I highly recommend Hohner’s Kids S363 Mini Plastic Maracas. I have used these maracas in my music therapy sessions for almost five years and none of them has ever broken. Durability is high on the list of characteristics I look for when purchasing instruments that …


24 Oct · Linda · No Comments

Fun with Tambourines

Tambourines are great instruments because they give instant feedback and are easy to use. This Fall, I taped different pictures of items we see during the season to the front of each tambourine. I used a fantastic new tape I found at our local teacher’s store, The Chalkboard, called Mavalus tape. It has awesome holding …


6 Aug · Linda · 2 Comments

Gif – Musical Therapist?!?

I just figured out how to make gifs, so I thought I’d post my first one here.  Music therapy may be one of the few professions where the therapist may be addressed by many names other than our official designation, Board Certified Music Therapist, (typically shortened to music therapist or MT at work).  Here are a …


2 Aug · Linda · 2 Comments

Time to Adapt: Being Flexible During Music Therapy Sessions

The saying, “The best laid plans of mice and men often gone awry”, probably wasn’t written about music therapists or our session plans…but it might as well have been. I have found that flexibility during sessions is as important a quality for music therapists as good musicianship and therapeutic skills. Take for example, one of …



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