24 Oct · Linda · No Comments

Fun with Tambourines

Tambourines are great instruments because they give instant feedback and are easy to use. This Fall, I taped different pictures of items we see during the season to the front of each tambourine. I used a fantastic new tape I found at our local teacher’s store, The Chalkboard, called Mavalus tape. It has awesome holding …


12 Jul · Linda · No Comments

Shoo Fly, Don’t Bother Me!

It’s summer and insects abound!  We have been inundated with flies this year, so what better way to deal with them than with a song!  Ok….that sounds ridiculous, but there’s a method behind my madness. I originally got this idea from music therapist, Kerry Cornelius’, blog post about Cinco de Mayo.  After taping cute pictures of …


18 Apr · Linda · No Comments

Make Your Own Egg Shakers

Looking for a project to do this weekend with your children or next week when plastic eggs will be on sale? Easter is a great time to stock up on fillable plastic eggs and make home-made egg shakers!  This is a great activity that works on fine motor skills, following directions, sequencing, creativity, impulse control (because …


1 Mar · Linda · No Comments

Fun with Party Horns – Impulse Control, Sequencing and Following Directions

One of my latest finds at the Dollar Tree Store is a package of party horns.  They are sold in packages of 2 for $1.00. What, you may ask would a music therapist want with party horns?  When I first saw them, I thought they’d be great to use for an impulse control activity with my younger …


23 Sep · Linda · 2 Comments

Instrument of the Day – The Qchord

The Qchord is a fun and motivating instrument.  It is easy to use and can be adapted to all ability levels.  This past week we were using it in our groups to work on turn taking and fine motor skills.  Waiting for a turn is especially difficult with a “motivating” instrument like the Qchord, but …



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