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27 Jul · Linda · No Comments

Oops, I Changed the CSS Code!


My apologies to anyone who received numerous posts from me yesterday and today in their email  and twitter accounts.  I’ve been working with a new theme on my website and made a mistake when I tried to adjust the css code.  For those of you who don’t know what css code is, you’re in good company! According to Techterms.com, “CSS or Cascading Style Sheets are used to format the layout of web pages.” They are used to define the different styles used on a site such as text, image sizes, margins, placement of extras like sliders, etc.


Sounds easy, but every time I think I’ve had it figured out over the past week, I’ve been faced with a new challenge.  Last night, after I had made a minor change in the code, all of my blog posts became inaccessible through normal means on my site.  I kept my cool as I tried to figure out what had happened and changed the code back.  Nothing happened.  Still trying to maintain a zen attitude, I searched the web and my theme’s website for answers.  Nothing.  When I accessed my posts through my wordpress dashboard, it indicated that none of them were published anymore.  In a panic, I selected all of my posts and in a bulk action republished them….and that’s how you received all of my drafts that weren’t supposed to be published.

The funny thing is, I had purposefully gotten the theme I selected instead of one like Thesis theme, so I wouldn’t have to worry about writing codes.  However, if you want to create the site of your dreams, and not hire someone, you’re going to have to learn at least a little about css.  What helped me the most?….My theme’s discussion page and YouTube. Also, if you type “learning css” in your search engine, a number of sites will come up that may be beneficial to you.

Sorry again for all of the extra emails and tweets.  Good luck when using css on your sites and may the force be with you!!


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