Movement Disorders Resources 


Fall 2020

YouTube Resources – Rush Copley

 Vocal Exercises Playlist:

YouTube Vocal Exercises

All sing-a-long videos can be accessed at the RUSH COPLEY SUMMER 2020

SING-A-LONG playlist at this link:

Fall Songs with Lyrics – YouTube

How to slow down tempo of YouTube videos:


Harmonica Background Music

Have fun improvising on your harmonica.  Be sure to blow air into the harmonica and draw out to play different notes or chords…… and build respiratory strength.


Chicago Style Blues Backing Track (C) – (starts at 35 seconds)



I regard music therapy as a tool of great power in many neurological disorders — Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s — because of its unique capacity to organize or reorganize cerebral function when it has been damaged. – Oliver Sacks

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