If you are looking for maracas that seem to be indestructible and sound good, I highly recommend Hohner’s Kids S363 Mini Plastic Maracas. 71dvDJ7DkFL._SL1500_I have used these maracas in my music therapy sessions for almost five years and none of them has ever broken. Durability is high on the list of characteristics I look for when purchasing instruments that are used on a regular basis.  My clients may not always use instruments as they were intended.  Although I try to think of various ways they could be pounded, my mind cannot always match a client’s imagination when it comes to discovering creative ways to “play” a.k.a. accidentally break an instrument.  I also work with individuals who have visual and/or hearing impairments.  Many of these clients like tapping the maracas or other shakers together for the added feedback they receive.

Over the years, I have tried numerous types of shakers and maracas and none have performed as well as Hohner’s.  Although I may instruct my clients to shake their shakers, inevitably, someone taps them together or on a desk or even the floor….it’s just too hard to resist!  Here are a few that bit the dust:

Wooden Maracas- wonderful for their classic sound.  Cracked first time used when tapped together.

wood maracas

       LP Wah Shaker – one end popped off and the beads went all over the room the first time it was used.  The client was shaking it very enthusiastically. LOL! LP Wah Shaker

  Medium Plastic Shakers – cracked the first day when a client tapped them together.


Light Up LED Maracas – everyone LOVES these maracas, but they aren’t that sturdy. I’m sure they are made more for a fun night on the town or at a party rather than being used in music therapy sessions.  After a number of them broke the first week they were used, I began giving each client one instead of two.  That helped tremendously.  You can purchase them at Windy City Novelties.

Glow in the dark maracas

LP Twist Shakers – I still think these are AWESOME and use them a ton.  Only one set broke after a couple of months of being used when they were tapped together.

twist shakers

If you’d like to purchase the Hohner Maracas, you’ll have to pay almost double what they used to cost!!  Back in 2011, I purchased them for $4.95 per pair.  Now they run anywhere from $8.00 to $9.60 per pair. I guess the secret’s out!  The good news is that once you own them, they’ll last forever.

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