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Group Music Therapy Sessions

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Using evidenced based interventions, our Board Certified Music Therapists create a fun and motivating environment in which to work on therapeutic goals.  Our sessions are client centered and designed for participants to have successful outcomes.

Group music therapy services are offered in a variety of facilities and locations including but not limited to schools, community centers, nursing homes and healthcare facilities. Sessions are designed with group goals in mind, but also focus on individual needs as well. Interventions and goals are adapted to meet the needs of the specific population being served.

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Developmental Disabilites Goal Areas:

  • Communication

  • Motor skills

  • Cognitive Skills

  • Social Skills and Awareness

  • Sensory regulation

  • Emotional/Behavioral regulation

  • Academics Skills

Parkinson's Disease Goal Areas:

  • Steady gate through RAS (Rhythmic Auditory Stimulation)

  • Improving vocal range, articulation and volume

  • Non-rhythmic movements – crossing midline, range of motion, etc.

  • Social support – improving mood

  • Decreasing stress

Dementia Goal Areas:

  • Reminiscense¬†

  • Orientation

  • Decrease Agitation

  • Social Engagement

  • Improve Mood

  • Decrease Isolation

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