I recently posted this on Music Therapy Dynamic’s Facebook page, but thought I’d share it here too.  (With some added suggestions!)


Need an age appropriate song to use with teens or young adults? Check out Dynamite by Taio Cruz! I use it in group activities with a stretchy band.  The chorus is great for getting clients to reach their arms up and raise the roof!


Update: “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift is still pretty popular with teens and perfect for use with the stretchy band.  Shake the band together during the chorus and come up with different moves during the verses.



I’ve also used it with instruments such as rhythm sticks.  First, I ask my clients for ideas on how to play the sticks.  If they are non-verbal or need choices, I present them with either picture symbols or written words.   If they want to do an action that I don’t have, I ask them to show me using the sticks.  Then, I make a schedule based on their suggestions using picture symbols or listing them on a white board.  Kids get a real kick when we play the sticks using their ideas.


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