Aerial_ViewJust a quick blurb!  I’ve had a reminder on my calendar to write about Morgan’s Wonderland for a while. This wonderful park is located in San Antonio, Texas.  The word, “park”, doesn’t quite fit this adventurous and joyous place.  Their mission is, “To provide a safe, clean and beautiful environment free of economic barriers that all individuals, regardless of age, special need or disability, can come to and enjoy.”  Morgans WonderlandThey’ve received numerous accolades from impressive organizations; but more importantly, they’ve received 5 star ratings from people who have visited their park.  Attractions include the Sensory Village, Butterfly Playground, Off-Road Adventure Ride, Starlight Amphitheater and more!  Morgan, the inspiration for this village, longed to feel like everyone else.  She designed this park as “an oasis of friendship . . . a shrine of inclusion . . . an unforgettable wonderland”

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