Many people are aware that Parkinson’s Disease causes tremors or shaking and difficulty walking.  However, did you know that it also affects the voice, the ability to swallow and facial muscles?  

As part of Rush Copley Memorial Hospital’s Movement Disorder Program, our music therapy program addresses these issues using research based music interventions and Neurological Music Therapy techniques. No previous musical experience is necessary and neither is singing on key!  

Sessions are designed to be fun, provide opportunities for success and be a place to connect with others.  Many times participants begin our program saying that they miss being able to do the things they used to do.  As one of our participants said after a session, “In music therapy I feel like I am defeating Parkinson’s!”

Our music therapy group at Rush Copley Memorial Hospital, recently took part in a virtual singing fest.  Organized by music therapist, Elizabeth Stegemoller, PhD, MT-BC from Iowa State University; the Sing Off Festival for Parkinson’s Disease, provides a showcase for music therapy participants to demonstrate their talent and progress! 

This year, Dr. Stegemoller, asked Parkinson’s music therapy groups from around the world to participate and submit videos of their groups singing, “Sing” by the Carpenters.  She and her colleagues would then edit the videos into one final, glorious video! 

Although, we only had one session to practice and I forgot to tell participants to smile, The Rush Copley “You Can’t Stop Me” Singers, did an amazing job!  Everyone is loud, proud and singing their hearts out!

If I have permission, I’ll post the video compilation from Dr. Stegemoller, when it’s finished.  You’ll be able to see people from all over the world singing to beat Parkinson’s!    

To learn more about Rush Copley’s incredible Movement Disorders Program or sign up for our music therapy program, click on the attached link:

Hope to see you there!  

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