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5 Strategies to Help You Stop the Flu in its Tracks!

It's flu season and this year it's hitting harder than usual.  As music therapists, we are constantly aware of the battle between being exposed to germs, spreading them and staying healthy. So far, I've been winning the battle this year.... even after being exposed to...

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Connect-a-Stretchy Band

The Connect-a-Stretchy Band from Bear Paw Creek, is a staple in my bag of tricks! I love it because it can be used with all age groups to meet a variety of goals.  An indispensable feature is that it can be re-sized easily and immediately to fit the size of your...

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Thank You Game

Last year, we got together with my  husband's family for Christmas.  All of our children are older, but my nephew had recently married a great woman with a young son, and they had also had a baby together.  On Christmas day, we gathered to open gifts.  The children...

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Holiday Activities

December is full of holidays that we can build music therapy interventions around.  Since I mainly work in school settings, I design activities using secular songs and cultural aspects associated with each holiday.  This is also important because it doesn't...

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